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Pantheon Crafters has now been online for nearly a year and not much has changed. The forum has been ticking along slowly and a few people have joined up but until the last newsletter (April 2017) we didn't even know what the crafting professions were going to be called in Pantheon.

That has now changed and of course the Pantheon Crafters website has been updated to include the changes.

But having said that there is very little real information that has been released about crafting and so there is little of real substance that can be discussed on this forum.

In light of that I have made some changes to the forum and added a piece of software called the Resource Manager to the forum software (I use Xenforo on this website). I am going to be making a lot of use of this software since it will allow me to post articles much like this one to the forum and it will allow you, the readers, to comment on it using your normal forum account.

From now on I'll be working to provide more articles about crafting and hopefully also creating some discussion on this site about crafting and what you'd like to see when it comes to Pantheon.

All of these articles will create a forum thread in the News, Announcements and other Content forum so all you need to do is look out for new threads in that forum and you'll be able to read the latest news and other pieces from this site. I am also working with other people to get some more content on the site so you might very well see other people posting articles.

The really exciting thing about this software is that you can also create articles that will be posted on the site. All you have to do is go to this page:

and click on the button that says Add Resource then just select a category and start writing. Once you have submitted your article it will be added to a moderation queue so that we can check the article is appropriate before we approve it.

So we hope you enjoy this new feature and that you keep up-to-date with all the new content that will be coming to the forum in the near future.
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