Using the Perception System while Crafting

The Pantheon developers have talked about the perception as it relates to quests in their FAQ as well as showing a video in their latest newsletter showing it off to the public but I believe that the perception system could be so much more.

Imagine if crafting were included in the perception system? If you had zero perception you could go through the crafting process and make normal items like everyone else but if you had a high perception you could discover secrets about the items you are using in your recipes that might give the finished item some bonuses. Or you could be experimenting with items and with a high perception you would discover that if you combined two very specific items together you would be able to create an item that no one else had crafted before you.

The possibilities are endless. You could even look at items that were crafted by other crafters and use your perception to see how they could be improved or you could see that if you combined one of their finished products with a special item you have just unlocked the secrets of you could make an even better item.

This synergy between crafting and perception would allow for all kinds of things to happen in the crafting system that have never been done before in an MMO and would create a really unique experience for crafters in Pantheon.
Furthermore you could go one step further. What about having crafting quests that required perception to both get the quest and to also find the secret properties of certain items used in the combine? That way only the most dedicated crafters could complete the quest.

Or if that was considered too harsh perhaps anyone could get the quest and complete it and they would be awared a reward like anyone else completing a quest but only those with a high perception would be able to complete the quest using a special item and would therefore get an even better reward than the other crafters with a low perception.

Crafters could also look at old books discovered in the wild and using their perception they could discover new ways to make items that are more powerful. The same could be true of crafting drops from raid mobs. The higher your perception the better the item is that you craft at the end of the process.

Frankly I'm very excited by the possibilities that this system opens up to crafters and it could make sure that Pantheon is the best MMO when it comes to crafting. I'll be posting more ideas regularly. I'd be very interested to hear what you think about this idea so just click on the discussion tab and post away and I'll reply as soon as I can.
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