One of the new crafting classes that has been announced is the scribe. I must admit to being really interested in what this might mean for the game. In the real world, a scribe is often found copying documents or writing contracts.

Imagine if as a crafter, you could take an ancient document found out in the middle of nowhere and then somehow managed to find out about its magical properties and then made a copy that other people could use to learn about that magic? That would be a pretty cool process. Furthermore, it would be interesting if those documents contained spells that could be learned by players. It would mean that players wouldn’t just be able to buy all their spells from merchants and would have to work for their spells and abilities.

Other ideas could include finding documents in foreign languages and then giving them to a scribe to translate and write down. These documents might contain ancient quests that have been lost for many years and result in some nice reward. They might even be the start of an epic quest that results in having to work your way around the whole world.

Either way it would be cool if crafters were required to find the high-end quests, spells, skills and items that adventurers need to compete at the high end.

In games like EQ you often found that crafters became unused and unwanted except for things that ran out such as Spirit of Wolf potions and invisibility potions. This was primarily because crafters couldn’t really compete with raid gear dropped from the hardest encounters. Now I am not for a moment suggesting that crafters should always be able to beat raid gear but I am suggesting that the best gear in the game should be got through adventurers working together with crafters to make items that are better than those that just drop from high level raid mobs.

The thinking behind this is that because it requires the work of both a group of high level adventurers and perhaps a group of high level crafters it will be much harder to complete and thus the work required should be enough to result in the best gear in the game.

Finally, when talking about scribes we have the possibility of contracts. A contract might be as simple as player 1 wishes to buy item A from player 2 for a certain price. Both players sign the contract and if either party fails to carry out their part of the agreement then the game punishes that player in some way.

This system could be made much more complex such as working together in a group to get a player a certain item if it drops from a mob or a player commissioning an item from crafter for a certain amount. But it would help to combat griefing in the game because the game would be able to punish people who do not follow through with their side of the contract.
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