Racial Armour

I've been thinking about racial armour for the last few weeks and decided I'd use my new found ability to post articles on this site to write some thoughts down on this.

First of all it is very important to note that I am not talking about cosmetic items from a cash shop here. All of the items I am talking about would be crafted by players or possible obtained by questing or some other in-game method of acquiring that item.

What I was thinking was fairly simple. Each race is very different in the world of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and it would make complete sense for each race to have their own way of making things. We only have to look at the real world to see that one country has completely different fashion tastes to another country. The same should be true of races in Pantheon.

For instance lets say you are a Gnome and you wish to make some armour. Why would your armour look the same as that made by an Ogre? It would be ridiculous to think the two would look the same. What I would want to see is the ability for races to make armour and weapons in their own styles. This could quite easily be extended to other items that players can make.

Furthermore if a player spends a long time working on faction for a certain race it would make sense that they would be able to go into the main city and work with the crafters in that city and learn how to make that races racial armour possibly by completing a quest or by some other method.

That way each race would look distinct in-game. Players would then get the choice as to whether they would wear their own races racial armour or whether they would wear the armour of any races style to give them a unique look.

If we took this system even further certain races maybe able to make certain types of armour better. An Ogre for instance would probably be very good at making heavy armour and they might end up with a bonus on their heavy armour. Likewise an Elf might be good at making leather armour and receive a bonus for that type of armour.

Therefore a player who is dedicated to crafting could spend their time learning to craft in many different racial styles and be able to make items with many different racial bonuses.

This would complexity to the whole crafting system where it wasn't just a case of choosing which was the best item but a player would also have to choose which was the best racial type for the armour that they wanted.

Of course crafters would automatically start off knowing how to craft in their own racial style but by giving crafters the opportunity to learn new racial styles it expands the scope of the crafting system and makes it much more interesting.

I'd be very interested to hear what people thought about this system so feel free to comment in the discussion area for this post.
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