Long Term Crafting

I spoke a little bit in my last post (see the post about Scribes) about how to make sure that crafters are required throughout the lifetime of the game. This is easier said than done as games like EverQuest whilst brilliant in many ways but had some issues with their crafting system.

The problem is that most people don’t take up one of the crafting professions so they tend to want to get all their gear from adventuring which seems fair enough but that leaves people who do decide to be crafters out in the cold as they need the business from other players to make sure that their profession is worthwhile.

Now according to the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen FAQ player housing won’t make it into the game at the initial games launch but it will be added to the game later. This is good news for crafters as it will give them something concrete to work on. Making items for a player’s house would give crafters a steady stream of work from all players on the server who want a nice house. The FAQ also mentions boats. Whilst it is not known whether they will come when the game launches or later if Vanguard is anything to go by that will be another area where crafters are in heavy demand.

It is very important to note that I do not want crafters to have to make every item in the game (although that would make for a very interesting MMO in my opinion) but a significant minority of high end loot should be made by crafters. If say 25% of best in slot gear came from crafters it would mean that raiders could get most of their loot from doing what they enjoy whilst crafters would be able to provide them with some of their best in slot gear meaning that the crafters stay in business.

So, the challenge seems to be to make sure that crafters are required by non-crafting players as well as other crafters to make items that those players want. My desire is that at least some of the best in slot gear comes from crafting and that crafting is not an easy profession to pick up. It should require skill and time to become a high-level crafter.

Another thing that tends to destroy the crafting community is if it is too easy to make certain items and thus the market becomes flooded with these items. This leads to the price of these items falling through the floor and it basically becomes pointless making them anymore. To combat this, it should be possible to fail when trying to craft even trivial loot. That is not to say that the crafter won’t get anything if they do fail. Maybe if they only fail the item combine 1 or 2 times they get back all the ingredients and if they fail more than that they might start to lose ingredients.

But the difficulty is crucial in making sure that people can’t just sit for a couple of hours churning out 10s or even 100s of the same item to sell. Another idea might be to make it so that if you make the same item constantly you get some sort of penalty to make sure that crafters are always trying to create different items rather than just making the same item repeatedly.
I could go on about this subject for ages but I think I have laid out some general ideas that would solve some issues with crafting. Of course, if you have any ideas of your own I’d love to hear from you. Just click on the discussion tab and post a reply and I’ll read it.
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