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In most games crafters have a set of recipes that they can make. This is static and doesn’t often change. The only time new recipes are added if a new expansion comes out for the game. But what if crafters could make every item in the game?

Now this sounds like it would be terribly overpowered and if done in a simple way it would be. People wouldn’t need to camp specific mobs for items because they could just pay a crafter to make the item for them removing the need to camp anything at all. But what if we did it in a more complex way?

In my idea, a crafter is a player who enjoys experimenting with different ingredients. Crafters would have no way to know how to make all the different items in the game. They would only find out how to make them by experimenting by using different ingredients in the crafting process. If they guess wrong they lose their ingredients so the entire experimentation process is extremely expensive.

Crafters could be given hints on how to make specific items by completing quests or perhaps by reading lore found in the world. Of course, the more mainstream items that a crafter can make would have recipes but for special items there would no recipe in the game and the only way to craft it would be via experimentation.

The experimentation system combined with the perception system could provide an exciting method of discovering how to make specific items in the game. If you are a crafter with a low perception perhaps you won’t know that a certain ingredient has a magical property and therefore when you combine it while experimenting you don’t get a successful item produced. On the other hand, if you do have high perception skill and you discover the magical properties of one or more of your ingredients when you go to combine them you do succeed in making the item.

So, in short, every item in the game should be craftable but it should be incredibly hard and expensive to find out the recipes for all the items in the game. In the system that I am thinking about it might take years for players to find out how to make specific items and thousands and thousands of plat spent on experimentation.
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