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One of my favourite games of all time was Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and a large part of that was down to the crafting system which was enjoyable even if you were not making items to sell and just wanted to level up in your crafting profession.

I never had the opportunity to play Star Wars Galaxies unfortunately as I have heard some amazing things about it and when I played EverQuest 2 when it first launched I didn’t really enjoy the game as much as I thought I would so never really explored the crafting aspect of the game.

Having said that it would be great if crafting was more of an interactive process. I think what I like about crafting in games such as Life is Feudal: Your Own is that the crafting process is so in-depth. In those games you are not only making an item to sell to a player, but you are making items that are required to make other items which are again required to make even more items.

Thus, when you start to craft the highest end items you have a process which might include crafting all sorts of items that are required to make the high-end item, and this might not just be limited to a single crafting profession either. Having dependencies with other crafting professions ensures that crafters must know other crafters in the community and work well together.

Since Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is being marketed as primarily a group based game it makes sense that crafters should be included in this. Far too often in games crafting is a solidarity choice of profession but I’d like to see complex interactions between crafters.

Perhaps a scribe will produce a recipe after inspecting an item, a blacksmith will produce the blade of a weapon, another profession will create the handle and then maybe a Wizard will imbue an item with magical properties which, yet another crafting class will add to the weapon to give it extra powers.

The other point I would like to add to this is that games like this have two essential elements of their crafting system. You can either damage or destroy items. While some people may feel worried about losing a treasured item it will make the game much more exciting if there is a constant turnover of items.

In EverQuest people would essentially wear the same gear for weeks or months at a time and that just strikes me as being somewhat boring. Wouldn’t you rather make gear choice decisions more regularly that make a big impact on how your character plays? That would a whole new level of complexity to the game that was absent from EverQuest but for it to work items must not be permanent.

If a crafter makes an item and that item is still in the system 6 months later then the likelihood of that crafter being asked to make an item drops as they make every new item. If crafters are going to be an essential part of the game, then they should be required always.
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