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    Crafting to a degree, attuned to your playstyle

    Good stuff as always @Barin999 . I like the general idea of breaking down the crafting layers into complexity tiers. This would also work well if they do implement the crafting tree approach rather than the crafting class. In my mind I would split it as crafter (base of outfitter, smith and...
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    Crafter's Roundtable: What questions do you have after the crafting DRT?

    I do not support any adventuring class having any form of crafting advantage. I would take @Barin999 idea one step further and say rare materials can only be gained by either a low harvesting chance, salvaging rare items or by completing localized crafting writs, again in low quantities and...
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    Theorycrafting Crafting - Part 1: Itemization

    Well said Neph. There are some cool sudo-physics mechanics we could work in between iron, steel and mithril (i.e. kinetic energy = ½*mass*velocity^2). Different weighted items could swing at different speeds with center of gravity also effecting the speed and angular momentum. Finally armor...
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    What We Learned in the Crafting Developer Roundtable

    @vjek, nice to see you over here. I feel like we are having a lot of the same general worries. My biggest worry is that a robust crafting system and "Iconic Itemization" do not really mesh well. Iconic Itemization in crafting is usually about acquiring gated recipes that have only one set of...
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    Guild chamberlain and the treasured guild nugget.

    To me this mostly reads as a guild contribution and guild progression system. I am all for guild progression system as it gives you something horizontal to work on other than just your personal level and gear. I am not certain that tying it to effectively a guild officer crafting position is...
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    What We Learned in the Crafting Developer Roundtable

    Excellent write up Neph. I did initially have a much stronger negative response to the over all design intent of crafting in game world and the apparent limitation of Icon itemization but it has toned down a bit after seeing more of Ceythos's responses on the champion forums. I still had hopes...
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    Tool consuming crafting requirements

    From personal RL crafting experience consumable tools are sadly a thing. They could be things like grinding wheels, drill bits, saw blades and chisels. These usually get a fair number of uses then need sharpened or replaced based on the failure mechanism. In addition to wear tools there are...
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    Death by crafting?

    @Barin999 you should see the pile of safety and handling gear I have in my garage for my small casting furnace, much less the furnace, anvil and smithing tools I'm building up.
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    Death by crafting?

    It could be something along the lines of damaging your tools. Basically if you fail poorly enough your tools gain the damaged trait and you need to stop and repair them before you can get back to crafting. That is similar to a death in loss of crafting time. This of course assumes that there...
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    Let's talk about Glyphs

    @Barin999 Oh I am totally on board with both tier and quality levels for glyphs, I would argue it is essential. What I semi envision is that: 1) each slot will be its own base glyph template. 2) The primary material component will dictate which tree of glyph that it is. 3) The total power tier...
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    Nine assumptions people make about Pantheon’s Crafting Sphere

    For number 5 I think there still needs to be some form of player to NPC to player mechanic of item trading just to handle the issues inherent in playing in different time zones (and sleep schedules) on the same server. Number 7 is going to be supply and demand and will be heavily influenced by...
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    Let's talk about Glyphs

    I think glyphs might be targets for group crafting actually. 1) a glyph could require a rune (scribe) 2) a base tile (stone crafting, wood working, or blacksmithing dependant on the glyph) 3) an attachment reagent for the appropriate tile and base (alchemy or provisioning (provisioners get duct...
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    Xp and/or level rate differences

    Interesting topic @Barin999 I think one of the issues here is the difference between the discovery portion of crafting and the mastery portion of crafting. In virtually all MMOs I have played it has been that you practice low level recipes in order to level up and become eligible to discover...
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    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Expansions

    Horizontal Progression! In all seriousness though in a game with persistent items and no minimum level on items I really do not see the point in ever raising the crafting level cap or even how that would help. What expansions could provide to the base crafting is more options and greater...
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    Crafter's Roundtable: Profession differences

    Full disclosure, I am a crafting enthusiast and have yet to find a game that takes crafting all the way to a legitimate play style. To me, for crafting to be a legitimate play style then the crafting processes and progression needs to be nearly as interactive, difficult, and time consuming as...