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    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Expansions

    Horizontal Progression! In all seriousness though in a game with persistent items and no minimum level on items I really do not see the point in ever raising the crafting level cap or even how that would help. What expansions could provide to the base crafting is more options and greater...
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    Crafter's Roundtable: Profession differences

    Full disclosure, I am a crafting enthusiast and have yet to find a game that takes crafting all the way to a legitimate play style. To me, for crafting to be a legitimate play style then the crafting processes and progression needs to be nearly as interactive, difficult, and time consuming as...
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    Dispersion of resources

    Neph . . . so many things, so I'm skipping you first, missed Barin's post earlier. @Barin999 My Commodities exchange vendor was partially to solve that exact concept of having a place to dump one type of resource and pick up another. I have since altered the idea to have rather than a market...
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    Crafter's Roundtable: Sinks (no, not the kitchen kind)

    @Barin999 Honestly the magic recharge was really just a way to build in partial item decay without the dreaded "my epic/raid item poofed". The feels organic option would be actual item decay and not magic recharging system. I'll admit that the elemental source system is one of the key points...
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    Poll: Stockpiling crafting materials

    *with shifty eyes* . . . Its not hoarding, its long term investing in material properties, yeah . . .
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    Rent on properties

    What if rent was paid with something other than the trading currency? Something like faction tokens, or sacrificed magical items? I am really not in favor of mobs, even humanoids, of dropping much cash. Mob farming of gold and the increased amounts given out as levels increase are largely to...
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    Naval commerce

    I have come to the conclusion that I am more interested in a FantasyLife Sim than a traditional MMO with classes and levels. With that being said I love the idea of Naval commerce though traditionally it has been a horrible nightmare to effectively gamify. Elite Dangerous is the one game that...
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    Crafter's Roundtable: Crafting and Climates

    @Barin999 I agree the second idea is way too complex to put in for launch but it would be very interesting if it could be balanced, mostly. Most of those unique bonuses would have hidden triggers that the players would need to discover over time with the possibility of multiple bonuses showing...
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    Clearing the player markets

    Yeah, my commodities exchange is much more complicated. It needs to be though as it is supposed to reflect the true market value of raw materials to players and not to the game system itself and that true market value changes over time.
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    Clearing the player markets

    The way many consignment shops work is you say how much you want for your item and you give the shop a fee to have it in their store. Then the stores usually have a rule that after 3-6 weeks it will drop by 25% and will do so until its at 25% of the original price. Usually it will sell by then...
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    "Needs" - dynamic crafting and gathering content

    "Also, the reason that I am focused on structures rather than individual NPCs, is that I think structures can and should impact multiple NPCs. My example of the Inn in the Wilderness is one where you have multiple NPCs tied to the structure. Some structures may be NPC-specific, but not all. "...
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    "Needs" - dynamic crafting and gathering content

    Yeah we a little bit had ships passing in the night with the timing of these posts. I think I get where you are going with this and you likely have a more complete perspective on the layout of Pantheon zones than I do. Each structure could have its own inspectable stat page with its current...
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    "Needs" - dynamic crafting and gathering content

    Due to the size of the game and how hand crafted the zones I don't think that decaying buildings fit Pantheon but I do love the idea in general. On a more helpful note I think there might be a way to get some of what you are after even in Pantheon. In my mind your idea breaks down into three...
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    Clearing the player markets

    @Barin999 Math is the tool that is most commonly used to separate people from their money. Buying and selling is all about math, supply and demand, and intuition on what the future brings. Just like failing to learn your class will get you and your group killed, failing to understand how to...
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    Clearing the player markets

    This sorta combines my consignment shop idea where you bring your items to a local shop and set the starting price and the incremental decrease in price while setting to time before each decrease, and the number of decreases you are willing to let it drop before taking it back off the market...