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    Why do you enjoy crafting so much?

    The thing I like about crafting is that I can just relax and try to make something new for myself or someone else. I like the feeling of accomplishment after I craft a rare item.
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    So... crafter fashion (in-game)

    I never really cared that much how I looked while crafting. I was only concerned with the finished product and if my skill increased hehe. But after reading your responses, I think I'd like to see that implemented in Pantheon.
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    How have MMOs helped you grow?

    I would say that being a guild leader/officer in various guilds has helped me to not be so selfish at times. I've become a better "server" of people through online gaming.
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    What kind of crafter are you?

    I'm first independent...I LOVE to craft. In every MMO I've played, I've always made alts just to learn a new profession. Second, I'd say guild crafter although i've never been known as the "The" guild crafter. I don't really make stuff for other people or to sell unless someone approaches me or...